How Pikurate work

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 This is how Pikurate works to achieve its goals and grow together.

Core Value of Pikurate

Pikurate is always working towards creating a better workplace. We try to talk freely and become an autonomous organization. Pikurate always aims to promote a culture where individual values are respected and potentials are maximized

1. Growth Through Creation

We grow out of competition by creating new values.

2. A sense of challenge without fear of failure

We challenge innovation without complacency about proper, but we challenge innovation.

3. Encouragement & Praise For Each Other

We generously encourage and praise each other for their constant challenges.

4. Autonomy to Maximize Efficiency

For us, autonomy is a tool to increase the efficiency of our work.

5. Timely Communication

We communicate on time and clearly for smooth collaboration.

6. Feedback & Efforts to Improve

We collaborate with constructive feedback and leading improvement.

7. Aligning Individuals & Team

We align our team's goals and create synergy as a member.

8. Thoroughgoing Information Sharing

We actively share information that only we know.

9. Responsibility to Get Things Done Thoroughly

We work with a determined will to do our job.

Culture & Life

Pikurate is always working towards creating a better workplace. We believe that we can grow together when the crew is happy, so Pikurate’s welfare is constantly updated.

 Welfare for Work Commitment

Flexibility: Adjust your commuting time freely to suit your productivity.
Best Equipment: We support the best equipment to ensure the best performance.
Growth Support: Pikurate supports job training expenses required to improve job skills.
Snack Corner: In Pikurate, you’re never hungry. There are always snacks available.
Dinner Support: If you have to work overtime, dinner is on us.

Welfare for Relationship

The Best Birthday Ever: We make sure to celebrate birthdays to the fullest with tea parties, congratulatory money, and you get the afternoon off.
Compensation For Recommendation: When hiring through the Pikurate team, we give ₩1M to the recommender.
Support for the Family Event: Shared sadness makes it bearable, and shared happiness is that much sweeter.

 Welfare for Better Life

Subscription Service Support: Support subscription services to satisfy crews’ intellectual needs.
Various Events: There are big & small events with Pikurate.
Utilizing Government Support: We actively use government-supported systems.