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Pikurate cultivates the flow of knowledge throughout the world.

Brand Mission
Pikurate will change the global standard of knowledge curation as we know it. Pikurate will connect people in the world through collections of links.

Pikurate is a platform connects everyone’s knowledge, information and ideas across the world.

Brand Vision
People can save any type of link in Pikurate and discover others’. Pikurate allows people to connect their knowledge with others. With Pikurate, people can expand their knowledge boundlessly.

Great vision from a simple idea

Leo, CEO of Pikurate when he was studiying in US

When Leo was taking an MBA course in the US,

Leo was having some problems. Visa, english, tax⋯ Everything was new and difficult. Leo searched hard to solve them and fortunately, he was able to study abroad well.
But he faced another problem when he tried to help a friend who had a similar problem. The information he eagerly sought was scattered here and there, and most of it was completely forgotten.
Then, Leo thought. “Why do we have to start from scratch whenever we research something?” He imagined a world where people can share the information that they already researched with others, and began to observe the people around him.

Like Leo, many US college students

who research a lot, share the issue of managing knowledge. Some people saved links on a digital document and copied and pasted it whenever needed. Others captured and delivered long URLs. There wasn’t a hub for collected information, so people had to search for the information they already saved before.
Leo started creating a knowledge curation platform where people can efficiently gather knowledge and discover others’ knowledge collections. That was the beginning of Pikurate.
Pikurate now creates a platform where people can save information and ideas through links that can be accessed freely. Leo's idea is now becoming a reality with the Pikurate crew.

Growth Milestones


2022/03/23 Pre-A Attracted ₩500M investment in Pre-A from Smart Study Ventures
2021/11/05 Seed Seed investment from Seoul Techno Holdings, Inc.
2021/02/15 Seed Seed investment from CnT Tech
2020/12/28 Seed Seed investment from industrial Bank of Korea
2019/09/02 Seed Seed investment from Angel investors

 Goverment Support Project

2022/07/12 Korea Selected for Tech Incubator Program for Startup Selection (TIPS)
2022/06/07 Korea Selected for Data Voucher Support Project (AI processing) in 2022
2022/05/19 Global Selected for K-Startup Center Support Project (Global Entry)
2021/09/28 Korea Selected for Start-up Growth Technology Development Project
2021/06/01 Korea Selected for Data Voucher Support Project (AI processing) in 2021
2021/04/30 Global Selected for Growth Type for Overseas Expansion in Born2Global
2021/04/20 Korea Selected for Non-face-to-face Service Voucher
2021/03/21 Korea Selected for Voucher for Startup Business Support Service
2020/11/01 Korea Selected for KOTRA Digital Content Production Support Project
2020/06/19 Global Final pass in Early-Stage Startup Package of KISED

Patents & Certifications

2022/12/13 Received Innobiz(Venture Building Firm Certification) autehntication
2022/05/20 Certified as SME worker performance sharing company by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
2022/04/02 Korean patent application for key keyword extraction-based recommendation algorithm
2022/03/02 Selected as a participating company in the work-life balance campaign by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
2022/02/15 Global Completed US patent registration for core business areas and business models
2021/04/11 Domestic patent registration for recommendation algorithm with user meta tag weight applied
2021/10/29 Korean patent application for recommendation algorithm with user meta tag weight applied
2021/03/28 Certificate of establishment of company-affiliated research institute
2020/11/24 Venture Business Certification
2019/07/30 Global Applied for 1 PCT in China and 1 PCT in Korea
2018/08/02 Global US patent application for core business areas and business models


2022/04/14 Selected for the 9th TIPA Value UP Program
2021/06/21 Selected for K-Global SNU Unicorn Program
2021/06/17 Selected for 2021 New Content Lab Accelerating
2021/05/17 Selected for the 2nd Hansol V Frontiers
2021/04/19 Selected for the 5th U-STAR
2021/04/17 Selected for the 9th Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Start-up Nest
2021/01/17 Selected for the 1st SKT True Innovation Young
2020/12/06 Graduated from Venture Square Digital Nomad
2020/09/28 Selected for KOTRA IKMP (Invest Korea Market Place) business
2020/09/17 Selected for Startup Growth Support Incubator by Seoul CCEI
2020/08/19 Selected for 2020 KDB STARTUP
2020/07/22 Selected for Lean Value-Up Accelerating by Hanyang University
2020/06/18 Graduated from IBK Changgong Mapo 5th class (served as president)
2020/03/03 Graduated from Shinhan Dodream Space Digital Life School in 5th grade


2022/09/21 Ranked as #2 at the Korea-U.S. Startup Summit in New York
2020/12/09 AI Couture Hub Online Demo Day Vote 3rd
2020/11/12 The 8th Re-challenge Case Contest Excellence Award
2020/07/22 Awarded the President of Startup Promotion Agency at the 2nd Re-challenge Startup IR Competition
2020/02/10 2020 Re-challenge Success Package Investment Linked Best Graduation

News Room

 Link-based knowledge curation platform “Pikurate” signs MOU with Zero-Party Data Maker “Datamond”

2022/11/21 Startup Daily
“Pikurate”, a link-based knowledge curation platform, has signed a business agreement with “Datamond” which runs Zero-Party Data Maker Point Monster, to develop joint technologies and discover mutual customers⋯
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 [KOREA-U.S. STARTUP SUMMIT] Pikurate Introduces Knowledge Curation Platform at “Korea-US Startup Summit”

2022/09/23 Aving News
Pikurate is a startup that was established in 2019 and has been running a knowledge curation platform named after the company, “Pikurate”. This is a platform that allows all formats of links, such as⋯

 Knowledge curation platform “Pikurate” selected by TIPS

2022/08/31 Venture Square
Bookmark-based knowledge curation platform “Pikurate” has been selected for the TIPS program of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.
Pikurate is a bookmark service that allows you to easily and systematically manage links with any device such as smartphone, PC, or tablet⋯

 Knowledge curation platform “Pikurate” attracts ₩500M in Pre-A investment

2022/04/11 Platum
Bookmark-based knowledge curation platform “Pikurate” has attracted 500 million won worth of pre-A round investment.
Smart Study Ventures, a venture capital subsidiary of The Pink Pong Company, participated in this round as a new investor⋯