What problems did Pikurate find and how are they solving them?


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3 Problems Discovered in the Sea of Information
Brandon is researching hard to learn how to become a front-end developer. When he searches the basics of front-end on Google, there is so much information that he doesn’t know what information to look at first and whether the information is correct. Since information obtained from the web and exchanged through messengers are scattered, it is difficult to find it when you need it. At this time, I think that I want someone to gather only the information I need and give it to me.

/ What kind of problems did Pikurate come together to solve?

Pikurate aims to solve the recurring issues that many people face when it comes to searching for information.

1. Information overload

Excessive information increases fatigue and makes it difficult to find the right information

2. Information volatilization

Although it is important information, it is difficult to find it again because it is not systematically managed

3. Information gap

Difficult to find better information if existing background knowledge and navigation skills are lacking

/ How is Pikurate solving the problem?

Pikurate first defined how to solve each problem.

1. Screening of information

It is easy to find the appropriate information if only the core information selected by people is collected.

2. Hierarchy of information

If you manage information systematically like the table of contents of a book, it is easy to find it when you need it.

3. Recommendation of information

It is easy to find the information you are looking for if AI recommends information from beginner to advanced level.

/ And we thought.

What if, when I started my research, a smart AI could recommend the results of other people's research already!

/ That's why

we provide a complete bookmarking tool to help you systematically save the information you've selected. We are expanding it into a knowledge curation service where information selected by others can be recommended.

What kind of service is Pikurate?

Pikurate is a bookmark-based knowledge curation service that allows you to easily collect, classify, share, and collaborate on organized links for various purposes.

/ Experience Pikurate NOW!

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