More than just a link

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Pikurate, the Innovative & Powerful Knowledge Curation Platform

There's a lot of good information in the world. The problem is that it's hard to find it, in the form you want, when you want.

What if someone picks out what you need? What if you could find a collection of knowledge anytime, anywhere?

What if when you’re searching for information, you can find what others have already researched right away? Pikurate was built on these “what ifs”

We created a knowledge curation platform that saves links that creates a collection of knowledge when users save links and allows them to discover others’ collections.

In Pikurate, you can

Discover New Ideas

Check out the best tips on how to lose weight, or the best places to visit in NY! Discover how everyone else gathers informations with Pikurate.

Get Recommendations

Pikurate recommends other users with similar interests. You can follow them and access their links.

save links with ease

Save any type of information and organize them into categories. Create your own link collection for easy access whenever, wherever.

share links efficiently

You can share your collection of links instantly with one single URL. You can also invite others to collaborate on collections together.

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Here’s How People Use Pikurate